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香港 3 5
出貨地區 香港
出貨日數 3
庫存數量 5



  • (金 / 銀 / 銅 / 鈦黑) 可先與我們聯絡查詢或直接訂購,預設為金色
  • 每款飾品包括 1ml PHOTHI 泰國天然香薰油 1 枝
  • 擴香木粒可循環滴上不同的香薰油使用


  • 提供刻字服務 (每粒木粒 1 個字母 A-Z)$10/粒, 其他設計可聯絡我們
  • 部份飾物可替換新的擴香木粒 $25/粒 (包括上述刻字服務),可自行更換或到市集找我們協助替換
  • 可另外配購 PHOTHI 泰國天然香薰油 10ml 裝 1 枝 $190/枝 


- 訂購詳情細則請參考FAQ,現貨品於訂購後約2-3日送出;預購貨品約於2-3周後送出 

Do you ever think of wearing the scent you love in daily life? 

We have designed and handmade a series of aroma accessories with Kusu Handmade Japan wood dice diffuser. 1 drop of lemongrass or citronella on the dice wood become an insect repellent accessory. You can also simply drop the scent you like, carry on your favourite scent to daily life!

  • (Gold / Silver / Copper / Black) You can contact us for enquiry or order directly, default is gold color
  • Each handicraft piece with PHOTHI Thai 100% pure essential oil (1ml) as combo set
  • Dice wood serves for recycle use, dropping the essential oil to spread the scent

Top-up charged items:

  • Engrave service (Single letter per dice wood A-Z) $10/dice wood, please contact us for other design
  • Some of the accessories available changing the dice wood $25/dice wood (including the above engrave service), you can find us in market for fixing or DIY by yourself
  • You can top up to purchase 10ml regular size of PHOTHI Thai 100% pure essential oil $190/bottle

** Products photo for reference only, each handmade piece may become different. Please consider before purchase

- Order details rules you May refer FAQ, stock item to dispatch in 1-2 days and pre-order item to dispatch in 2-3 weeks after payment received